About Domo
We are dedicated to providing a safe environment and a warm community atmosphere, allowing everyone to build and discover their favorite communities.
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How 滴墨AI Works
We follow the product principles below to provide users with an ideal community environment:
High Privacy
High Privacy
We will not display any unnecessary personal information unless it's essential. At the same time, no one will know which communities you've joined, not even the community administrators.
Fair Voting
Any posts and comments can be upvoted or downvoted by users, and the number of votes is the best testament to content quality. The highest-quality posts will rise to higher positions in the "Recommended" section.
Customizable Communities
Anyone can create their own community. Community administrators can define their ideal community by setting post types, community rules, and more.
What will Domo do?
Domo's values and self-expectations
Who is Domo?
Who is Domo?
Hmm... it's not hard to see that Domo is an adorable little seal. It represents every community member, being both you and me, and sometimes, our big family head: Duck Neck.
Domo's lifelong dream is to "let everyone discover their interests and passions." This goal requires everyone's help to achieve!
Do what makes people like
Do things people like
The quickest shortcut to success is to do things people enjoy. Be friendly and polite, and only then can you become a beloved little seal.
Keep learning to make constant progress. Although not all efforts will generate value, please try to do things that are helpful to others.
Creating Value
Humble, Persistent, Fearless
Opinions and feedback are the driving force for progress, and we will patiently absorb them while continuously moving towards our goals. We are not afraid of any challenges that may impact the development of our community.
Contact Us
If you encounter any issues while using the 滴墨AI, have any good suggestions, or are interested in collaboration, feel free to reach out to our head of the family, Duck Neck, via the email addresses below:
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